Reneau Peurifoy
From Why Did God Give Us Emotions?

In our earnest desire to see lives changed through prayers of faith, we must not forget that emotional problems are sometimes due either wholly or in part to physical problems in the brain. Again, this is simply part of living in a broken world. Just as many people have problems with their vision, some have emotional “wiring” that is not quite right. Now most Christians see no problem with getting glasses to help with flawed vision or taking medication to manage a problem with the thyroid. However, many of the same Christians see the use of medication for emotional problems as a sign of spiritual weakness if not overt sin.

Although medication is not the answer to every problem, and sometimes makes matters worse, there are many situations where it can play a useful and sometimes essential role in helping to manage emotional problems. At the same time, because we live in a world where the “quick fix” is sought by many, it is important to be wise when deciding whether medications can be helpful.

Pointing out that medication can help with some types of emotional problems is not meant to deny or limit God’s ability to bring about miraculous healings. He can and does do that. However, it is useful to think about how God usually works with a physical problem such as a broken leg. God has blessed people with wisdom on how to set a broken leg so the healing abilities that we’ve already been given can return it to a healthy state. In a similar way, God has blessed people with the knowledge and ability to discover medications that can be used with many types of emotional problems. As with other types of medical knowledge, these medications in the hands of wise practitioners are often the means He uses to heal people.