This is the first of four videos on anger. It explains what anger is and why we become angry.

This is the second of four videos on anger. It explores ways to manage a quick temper. The next two are still in production. They should be ready for posting by the end of this year.

This video presents my understanding of the various functions that emotions have in our everyday life along with a simple approach for managing difficult emotions more effectively.

This video explains emotional triggers along with a simple technique for quieting them so they cease to interfere with your life.

This video describes how core beliefs shape your life along with ways to identify and change those that are causing problems.

This video explains my understanding of how Panic Disorder develops.

This video describes the approach I’ve used to help people with Panic Disorder return to a normal life that comes from over twenty years of work with people with Panic Disorder.

Book Trailers

Anxiety, Phobias & Panic: Taking charge and conquering fear

Ovcercoming Anxiety: From short-term fixes to long-term recovery

Anger: Taming the beast

Why Did God Give Us Emotions?