Overcoming Anxiety presents a unique approach to managing anxiety, offering readers a comprehensive and far-reaching philosophy that stresses lasting preventive measures over superficial—and often just temporary—antidotes. This groundbreaking book shows sufferers how to shift their focus from the messenger, or the symptoms, of anxiety, to the message—the core causes of anxiety. The three case histories presented here—drawn from the author’s extensive clinical experience—elucidate a program that explains not only how to identify and challenge negative thinking patterns but also how to achieve control and change destructive and dysfunctional behavior. The book is organized as a set of lessons that includes recommended activities at the end of each lesson and an extensive resource guide, this book helps sufferers reinforce and personalize the valuable healing strategies set forth, paving the way for a more complete, lifelong recovery from the troubling afflictions of anxiety disorders.

What people are saying about Overcoming Anxiety:

Overcoming Anxiety is about understanding the message that anxiety conveys at a deeper level, and taking the road to full recovery. A must for sufferers from anxiety.
Elke Zuercher-White, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist Author of An End to Panic

Excellent. I found Overcoming Anxiety to be an exceptionally “reader/user friendly” resource and workbook. It is easy to understand, interesting and comprehensively informative. I appreciated (and expect my clients will be) the clarity and personable style in which the material is presented. I believe Overcoming Anxiety will be a valuable addition to my “recommended reading list” — it is reassuring and enormously helpful, and I will encourage my clients to work with it.
Bonnie Goodman, M.S., L.M.H.C. Co-author of You Have Choices — Recovering from Anxiety, Panic , Phobia

. . . The author handles the issue of medication with respect and perspective. I enjoyed the authors use of simple practice advice and generally positive outlook. This is a worthy addition to the library of self help.
Bernard Salzman, M.D. Author of The Handbook of Psychiatric Drugs

Presents his material in clear, concise, readable sentences — very effective and memorable. Even as an experienced therapist, I found myself wanting to underline passages and take notes. Reneau, your expertise shines through — vividly and clearly. Reneau has gone beyond symptom-control to the dynamic core and beyond to recovery, growth and maturity. An elegant blending of conditioning, cognitive, psychodynamic, and family systems theories. There is no dogma, pedantics or jargon in this book: an exquisite piece of work.
Liberty Kovacs, Ph.D., M.F.T. Author and producer of the video, “Today’s Marriage: The Six Stages”

The three stories represent classic studies in the frightening, persistent vortex of anxiety, panic, and phobia that can take over and make people’s lives chaotic and unlivable. Through the people he portrays we are led, step-by-step, down a path that brings us to a deeper understanding of the underlying causes and patterns of the problem and skills needed to resolve them . . . but only after being given a good measure of safety by managing symtomology first. I highly recommend this book to therapists, clients, and others who are trying to understand and live with anxiety.
Shauna L. Smith, M.S.W., M.F.T. Author of Making Peace With Your Adult Children: A Guide to Family Healing

Kudos on another excellent valuable vital and informative book by Reneau Z. Peurifoy that provides methods and tools in an easy to read and understandable format allowing the reader to set upon the road to recovery. A reading “must” for all those who suffer from the devastation of anxiety and panic-related disorders. I wish it had been available during the years of misdiagnosis and needless suffering that I endured and even today twenty years later I picked up some valuable pointers to help me when I suffer a setback.
Marilyn Gellis, Ph.D. The Institute for Phobic Awareness, Phobics Anonymous World Service Headquarters

Overcoming Anxiety is a clearly written application of cognitive/behavioral theory to the treatment of anxiety disorders. Peurifoy presents information and practical techniques in a fashion that is easily accessible to people suffering from anxiety disorders and therapists alike. The stories of four characters enliven the material and help make concrete the concepts. The book is well organized and provides a compassionate, step-by-step program for the treatment of this debilitating condition. It is helpful in understanding the underlying issues and conceptualizing options for brief treatment.
Rob Fisher, M.F.T. Adjunct Professor, JFK University, Publisher of the Couples Psychotherapy Newsletter

For the anxiety sufferer who has been disappointed by relapses and setbacks, a fresh look at maintenance of recovery issues. The return of symptoms may be seen as information rather than failure.
Sally Winston Psy.D. Co-Director, Anxiety and Stress Disorders Institute of Maryland

Mary, Robert, and Kimberly grew up before my eyes: first puzzled and uncertain; slowly gaining self-awareness, self-confidence and self-efficacy; finally developing trust in the process and self-acceptance. They became real, with all their frustrations, stumbles, setbacks and successes. I wanted to cheer as the final chapter ended and you shared the outcomes of all three. Therapy is demystified and the tools are there for all readers to develop and use. And you make the journey understandable, Reneau. It will take motivation, patience, persistence, and the help of a paper and pencil, but I believe readers can overcome their anxiety following the path you describe.
Lynn MaguireFacilitator: Phobia Society of Dallas

As a Certified Group Psychotherapist, I am always on the lookout for good materials my clients can use as part of their treatment. I was delighted to find Mr. Peurifoy’s first book, Anxiety, Phobias, and Panic, and I found it to be an excellent tool for clients’ greater understanding and home practice exercises. Reneau’s new book is an even better tool than the first one, and it really does move people from “short-term fixes to long-term recovery” when they apply themselves conscientiously to overcoming their anxiety-related problems. The book’s outstanding features include text that the average person can really understand, numerous clear examples showing how to use the principles taught in the chapters, and thoughtful exercises that immerse a person in his or her own recovery. The chapters encompass all of the diverse approaches and techniques I have been using with my clients over 15 years of practice, and Mr. Peurifoy’s excellent balance of looking at all the areas of one’s life is invaluable for people who have previously only had unidimensional approaches to treatment. The appendices provide much more useful material, making the book almost a stand-alone treatment manual, once medical consultation is included. I recommend the book highly, and I plan to use it as further treatment not only for anxiety patients but also for those needing general life skills training as well.
Barbara E. Thompson, M.A., M.F.T. Executive Director of Discovery Center and Certified Group Therapist

Long-time anxiety and panic sufferers take heart. Here is a hands-on, step-by-step strategy for attaining the deep-level change you need to make for recovery from persistent anxiety and panic. This workbook presents a practical, step-by-step strategy for making psychodynamic change that is sure to be helpful for many people with persistent anxiety and panic. Mr. Peurifoy’s first book has been a tremendous success with so many of my clients, I’m excited about applying this new tool in my individual and group work.
Sandra Festian, ACSW Private Practice, Iron Mountain, Michigan

As a therapist I have many clients who come to me with anxiety disorders or phobias. For years I have been suggesting that my clients use Reneau’s earlier book. After reading Reneau’s latest accomplishment, I will be recommending it from now on.
Ray Bacigalupi, MFT Private Practice in Sacramento CA