Anxiety is an unpleasant, though mostly unavoidable, aspect of modern life–but for many, normal anxiety can become something far more serious and debilitating. Now, in this updated and revised edition of Anxiety, Phobias & Panic, readers will learn how their condition developed and how to overcome their anxiety-related problems. Areas covered include:

  • Uncovering the causes of anxiety
  • Building stress tolerance
  • Identifying and correcting harmful modes of thinking
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Tools for managing anxiety
  • And much more.

Plus, this revised edition includes new discoveries about the brain, new information about OCD and social phobias, and a section on relapse prevention.

What people are saying about Anxiety, Phobias & Panic:

Decades ago, when Peurifoy, a researcher and therapist, became interested in studying agoraphobia, not much information was available about the painful, self-imprisoning, psychological affliction. Victims of irrational fears avoid leaving their homes, driving alone, shopping and opening the door to the postman. Their families’ finances and wellbeing suffer as well. Now, thanks in part to Peurifoy’s immersion in the subject, anxiety related avoidance behavior such as social phobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder can be managed, if not completely eradicated in some cases. What makes this revised edition . . . better than others on the topic is its range and accessibility. Explaining the complicated dynamics of the nervous system, including the brain, Peurifoy presents a practical, thoroughly informative manual in which he persistently encourages the reader to perform the recommended activities for the best results. Disabling panic attacks, the reader learns, arise from the crossed wires of a complex biological system. Panic symptoms experienced during one frightening event become linked with exaggerated thoughts and feelings, which themselves attach to other events. Using Peurifoy’s guiding principles, the victim learns to sidestep conditioned behavioral and cognitive responses. Performing the appropriate lessons, the reader can improve lost self-esteem and assertiveness, manage anger and negativity, reduce perfectionism and regain the ability to move freely in the world. Peurifoy, it seems, has put his whole life’s knowledge and work into this book, so that it benefits people with even simple anxiety. And he has given victims of acute anxiety, phobias and obsessive-compulsive disorder real reason to hope.
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This workbook is the ultimate when it comes to defining all the anxiety disorders and a step-by-step approach to recovery . . . It is a road map not only to self-discovery, but also to recovery from the grips of fear. This book is a necessary tool for self-help groups. When used in a group it enhances interpersonal communication and deletes the “war stories” that are so prevalent in group dynamics.
Anxiety Disorders Association of America Self-help Network Newsletter

Struggling with fear, anxiety, stress and all the things that go along with these negative emotions? “Anxiety, Phobias & Panic: Taking charge & conquering fear” is a self-help book that explores underlying factors causing these feelings and gives advice for overcoming them. The book, written by Reneau Z. Peurifoy, MA, MFT invites readers to participate in a step-by-step program designed to overcome fear and anxiety-related problems. A variety of issues, including self-esteem, anger, self-defeating behavior, change and standing up for yourself, are examined.
The Book Reader, Lucille U. Freeman, Chicago Daily Defender

“I think this is an unusually complete and thoroughgoing book on how to handle anxiety and it will be quite helpful to many readers.”
Albert Ellis, Ph.D. Author of A New Guide to Rational Living and Director of the Institute for Rational-Emotive Therapy

“A clearly written book that should enable readers to evaluate, understand, reduce anxiety—and change their own self-defeating behaviors. I particularly like the part about making an ally of anger.”
Jean Baer Author of How to be an Assertive—Not Aggressive—Woman, co-author of Don’t Say Yes When you Want to Say No and Making Life Right When It Feels All Wrong

“. . . a comprehensive and well thought out program for anyone suffering from anxiety, phobias, and panic. I wholeheartedly recommend this book for patients and therapists alike . . . the reader can quickly grasp the concepts and then follow through on the appropriate action steps. It is a major contribution to the field . . .”
Neil A. Fiore, Ph.D. Author of The Now Habit: Overcoming Procrastination Through Quality Work & Guilt-Free Play and The Road Back to Health

At last, here is a knowledgeable, practical, and readable book on how to overcome stress and anxiety-related problems . . . This book is a welcome addition to the practicing therapist’s shelf.
Jane J. Frey, M.A., M.F.T.

This book is on the “must read” list for all those suffering from anxiety and related problems, plus professionals interested in knowing more about these timely subjects . . . a clear, concise and interesting manual . . . I highly recommend Anxiety, Phobias & Panic for a vast audience.
Jann M. McCord, Psy.D.

This book is a much needed resource book for the therapist. Highly recommended reading for anyone suffering from phobias. Its clear messages and exercises will help overcome the anxieties that so many of us experience.
Dorothy L. Lambert, MFT New Horizons Counseling Center

It is a great book for individual use or as the material for study in a small group setting. ABIL, Inc. a support network for people with panic disorder/agoraphobia is currently using the book in five self-help groups held through out the city of Richmond, Virginia. With almost ninety people as part of these groups we are seeing many changes taking place in personal lives. The book is written with great sensitivity and is the most thorough and practical book available to addressing this problem.
Shirley F. Green Executive Director of Agoraphobics Building Independent Lives (ABIL), a large nonprofit self-help organization based in Richmond, Virginia

I find your book one of the most comprehensive and well written books on anxiety and panic. It is easily followed no matter what stage of recovery one is at . . . I am one of many who see your book as a superior self-help tool. The presentation of material is outstanding.
Anne Barnett Facilitator of Phobia Recovery and Support group—a large nonprofit self-help group in Potomac, MD

I am really grateful to Shirley for introducing me to Anxiety, Phobias & Panic and to you for providing an opportunity for comments. Thank you for a book that cannot help but benefit sufferers of anxiety disorders.
Lynn Maguire Phobia Society of Dallas, Texas

I think your book is outstanding.
Harold V. Neher ABIL Self-help group leader in Poquoson, VA

“I think it is an excellent work and quite complete.”
Arthur B. Hardy, M.D. President, TERRAP Programs